Strategic Investment Committee (SIC)

Strategic Investment Committee (SIC)

Click Here to Fill Out SIC Investment Request for Funding Form

Forms and all supporting documentation due March 15, 2021.  Please contact Heather Jashnani with any questions.

Join the Strategic Investment Committee (“SIC”)! 

The purpose of the SIC is to approve funding recommendations for annual PTO gifts to The Lane School from available PTO funds over and above it’s annual operating budget.  The Lane School parents & staff submit written requests to the SIC using the Request for Funding Form.  We evaluate and prioritize the requests based on funding criteria and present funding recommendations to PTO for approval.  The SIC consists of:
 – The principal
 – PTO Co-President
 – PTO Treasurer
 – 2 Lane School Staff
 – 2 Lane School Parents
Below is a general timeline of what needs to happen and when:
 – The SIC publishes notices in the Blast soliciting parent and staff suggestions for funding requests and directing them to SIC page
 – The SIC evaluates requests based on identified criteria and considers what can be funded from The Lane’s operating budget / building funds and from the Teacher Wish List budget.
 – The SIC matches funding requests to parent and staff priorities to establish list of gifts.
 – PTO Treasurer confirms the amount of available funds
 – The SIC finalizes gifts and presents recommendations to PTO for approval at February membership meeting
 – The SIC notifies parents and staff of PTO gifts
 – The Lane School office secretary prepares purchase orders for items to be purchased.

Funding Criteria for Requests:

A.  Complete a Request for Funding Form
B.  Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:
  • support present and future curriculum goals
  • benefit students (entire population, by class, or individual needs)
  • consistent with The Lane School PTO Bylaws
  • immediate funding by District 181 (“D181”) not probable
  • meets D181 guidelines as applicable (e.g., grounds, safety, technology)
  • meets IRS guidelines for Section 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations
  • frequency of request

C.  Multiple bids are required to accompany funding requests for tiems for which competitive pricing is available

D.  Requests must not unduly burden future PTOs